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Standard Operating Procedure

It's school photo day! Time to take those lasting photos that will forever remind students of the great times and good friends they had in their younger days!

As the school photographer, you are given this set of procedures for getting all of the classes' photos taken in one day and making sure they have a professional and uniform appearance (note: I made this list up. This is not meant to be a representation of the actual photographer's procedures for the photo given below!).

  1. When students enter the photographing area, have them line up from shortest to tallest.
  2. Have shortest one-third of students sit on bench in front.
  3. Have the tallest one-third of students stand on the riser at the back.
  4. Have the middle one-third of students stand on the floor between the other two rows of students.
  5. Have the teacher stand at the photo-left (class' right) end of the middle row of students.
  6. The front row (seated) should have their hands folded, in their laps.
  7. Don't forget to have them smile!

Now, view the following article from the Edmonton Journal (and two global media accounts of the same story) to see one class' photo, and how one parent reacted.

How would you change the list of photographer's procedures above to prevent this from happening? Do “the rules” ever cause the problem?

By the way, the school orchestrated a re-take of the above photo. See the result.

News stories following the progression of events:

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