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Five Rules of Design Thinking to Reach All Students

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 +====== Beauty'​s Where You Find It ======
 +{{ :​joshua_bell.jpg?​nolink|Violinist Joshua Bell}}Violinist Joshua Bell conducted an experiment back in 2007.
 +[[http://​​wp-dyn/​content/​article/​2007/​04/​04/​AR2007040401721.html|Washington Post article]].
 +  ​
 +[[https://​​embed/​hnOPu0_YWhw|YouTube Video (full-screen)]] or
 +[[http://​​watch?​v=hnOPu0_YWhw|YouTube Video (standard)]]
 +Do we recognize beauty where we don't expect to find it?  What attention should be given to a virtuoso performance? ​ Do our students get such opportunities to be virtuosos? ​ If so, does anyone stop to listen?
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