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Five Rules of Design Thinking to Reach All Students

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The Five Rules:

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Graffiti Across The Curriculum

Suppose your school had a “Graffiti Day”. For one day, all classes are to incorporate the theme of “Graffiti” into their instruction.

Assign roles to each member of the group. For currently-serving educators, this could be their current role. However, it helps to have a broad spectrum of roles, so if everyone in a group is a third-grade teacher, you might want to ask some of them to assume different roles for this activity. Discuss within the groups how you would accomplish this if you were in one of the following roles:

  • Third Grade Teacher
  • Sixth Grade English/Language Arts Teacher
  • Eighth Grade Social Studies Teacher
  • Ninth Grade Phys Ed Teacher
  • High School Algebra I Teacher
  • Band Teacher
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • Intervention Specialist

Consider how you would address various levels of Bloom's Taxonomy (Cognitive Domain) in designing your instruction for that day.

  • Creating
  • Evaluating
  • Analyzing
  • Applying
  • Understanding
  • Remembering

Two very nice tools offer assistance in writing lesson objectives for various levels of Bloom's Taxonomy (Cognitive Domain):

Brainstorm: What extra-curricular activities could be planned for that day, in keeping with the theme?

Discuss: What impact might this have on student engagement?

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