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Five Rules of Design Thinking to Reach All Students

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The Five Rules:

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Virtual Keynote at Ross-Pike Summer Learning Academy

On Friday, 6/11, “Five Rules of Design Thinking to Reach All Students” was the morning keynote for Ross-Pike ESD's Summer Learning Academy!

The slides for this session have been prepared using the Remark browser-based multimedia slide platform. View the session slides. (Please note, some slides will not work great for you, since you may not have admin access to the embedded tools.)

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What did participants say about previous “Five Rules” workshops?

  • “Makes it comfortable at the get-go!”
  • “Unique, engaging training!”
  • “Led to deeper thinking about why I address and how I address issues, concepts, etc.”
  • “Love! Love! Love!”
  • “The content got me thinking. Makes me want to and plan to use what I learned today when I’m working with kids.”
  • “Great activities! Made me think!”
  • “Hands-on and linked directly to educating our learners in a variety of ways.”
  • “The collaboration and problem-solving really made the time go quickly.”
  • “Gave me a lot to think about in my work.”

Are you ready for a workshop experience like this?

Remember Why You Wanted To Teach

Research and exploration at a workshop.Design Thinking is a process of finding creative ways to accomplish great things. You do it every day. Catching a closing door with your foot because your arms are full of groceries. Putting the bread and the peanut butter in a place near the refrigerator. The 'delay' setting on your windshield wipers. These are all samples of implementing Design Thinking to accomplish something. We all do it.

Some people have done some amazing things with it.

In this site, you will have an opportunity to explore “Five Rules” of Design Thinking. (Don't get too caught up on that word, “Rules”.) Hopefully you'll learn a few basic things, spark some new ideas, find some things you can do in your everyday practice, and have some fun helping every student achieve things they didn't think were possible.

The resources on this site are designed to accompany the face-to-face workshop “Five Rules of Design Thinking To Reach All Students”.

Before attending a “Five Rules of Design Thinking” workshop, you may want an introduction or refresher on the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). This five-minute video from CAST does an excellent job of providing that. Then, this video from makes the connection to Design Thinking.

Watch Michael's talk recorded at TEDxWorthington

Five Rules in Five Minutes?

Ignite logo. Michael had the privilege of presenting “Five Rules of Design Thinking to Reach All Students” at the 2016 ISTE Conference in Denver, Colorado. This was part of “ISTE Ignite, Round 1” on Sunday, June 26, 2016. “Ignite” sessions are 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds, allowing a total of five minutes for the presentation.

One of my tweeps in the audience Periscoped the presentation. View the recording.

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