The 90-Second Integrationist – Season 2 Episode 02 – Why I Love Seesaw

“Imagine taking that big paper-based portfolio and putting it online. “



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Have students monitor their progress. Give students the opportunity to produce authentic works for a global audience. Let students collaborate. Keep parents and guardians in the loop on their students’ work. Each of these strategies can have a significant positive impact on student achievement. And each of them is possible using the Seesaw online portfolio system.

While I was in school – and, I admit, that was some years ago – several of my teachers understood the potential impact of having students collect and curate samples of their own work across the school year. Usually, these were kept on paper in some sort of folder or binder. Not everything went in it, and it wasn’t always our best work. It was representative work. And, as the school year wore on, anyone could go through our portfolio to see the progress we were making.

Imagine taking that big paper-based portfolio and putting it online. Seesaw does just that, providing a safe place for teachers to allow students to capture their learning processes. The class can see each other’s posts, if the teacher allows it. And, the class can give social-media style “likes” and comments on each other’s work – again, if the teacher allows it. Students can post typed text, drawings, audio, video, or even links to their work created in other tools. Nothing is viewable by others unless or until the teacher specifically approves it. When the class is ready, the teacher can turn on the blog feature, and start sharing their amazing work with the entire world.

Get started for free today at seesaw dot m e.

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