The 90-Second Integrationist – Season 2 Episode 01 – Why I Love Book Creator

“What would you like to write a book about?”



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[VO: Welcome to The 90 Second Integrationist, season 2, episode 1.]

Have you ever been asked what you are interested in? Have you ever asked a child, or a group of students, what they are interested in?

If you’re a teacher, you probably have. And you have probably been a little disappointed with the answers, or lack of answer, that some of them give.

If we want to change their answers, we might be able to do so by changing our question. What if we asked, “What would you like to write a book about?”

Writing a book is serious business. If I think about what I’m interested in, I might think about a TV show, or a video game, or a hobby that occupies my free time. I think like a content-consumer.

When I think about writing a book, I’m pushed to think not of myself as the audience, but the entire book-reading world. I’m not the content-consumer anymore. I’m the content-creator. I’m responsible for the accuracy and completeness of my content, the fair and appropriate use of sources, even the grammar and punctuation.

That’s why I love Book Creator. The web version works great with the Chrome or Chromium browser on just about any platform. Use the iOS app if you’re on an Apple device. Sign in with your Google, Office 365, or Clever account, and you’re ready to create. Choose the page format and layout, and start adding your content. Add text, photos, video, audio, drawings, shapes, patterns, even embed live content from the Web! When you’re done, publish your eBook for the entire world to see!

What do you want to write a book about?  You are one website away from making your book a reality, at Book Creator dot com.

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