The 90-Second Integrationist – Episode 009 – Teach Like You’re da Vinci

“Be curious about everything, and never stop questioning how you can make things better.”



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[VO: Welcome to The 90 Second Integrationist, episode 9.]

Leonardo da Vinci is known for a variety of accomplishments. Painting, sculpting, cartography, anatomy and physiology, military engineering, civil engineering, botany, and more. At least some of his success should be attributed to the fact that he used what he learned in one field to inform his progress in another, ignoring the lines we often draw between academic subjects.

The more he learned about how the human body is designed, the more he changed how he painted and sculpted human figures. The more he learned about how birds are able to fly, the more he changed his designs for his own human-powered flying machines. Da Vinci didn’t put his science textbooks in his locker before he went to art class, and vice-versa.

Imagine you’re about to get a pet hamster. What all will that hamster need? You might think of a cage or aquarium, food, water, bedding, toys, exercise wheels, tubes, and even other hamsters! Why is it that when we need to support a diverse range of students in our classrooms, our first thought is to make less options available to them instead of more? We can do so much more for our students by adding to their learning environments than we can by taking things away.

Teach like you’re Leonardo da Vinci. Be curious about everything, and never stop questioning how you can make things better.

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