The 90-Second Integrationist – Episode 008 – Teach Like You’re Banksy

“Read the rulebook, then rip it up and create something that challenges the accepted wisdom.”



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[VO: Welcome to The 90 Second Integrationist, episode 8.]

Banksy is the pseudonym for a common, trespassing thug who scrawls graffiti all over other people’s private property.

Banksy is the pseudonym for a talented, important activist who calls attention to the social injustices of his day through intricately planned street art.

Same person. Two different perspectives on him and his work. His rulebreaking style effectively calls attention to social injustices.

Are we willing to break rules, for the right reason?

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games of all time, but nobody plays it by the published rules! Piling money on Free Parking, getting double-salary if you land on “Go!” by exact count, and not collecting rent if you’re in jail are just some examples of the way I grew up playing Monopoly that are not part of the actual rules! We change the rules all the time when it makes the game more fun for us – and that’s the whole reason behind playing a game, to have fun! Whenever the rules stand against the purpose, there is a serious disconnect that has to be addressed.

In education, any rule we have in place that prevents a kid from getting the education they should be getting is a rule that needs to be broken.

Teach like you’re Banksy. Read the rulebook, then rip it up and create something that challenges the accepted wisdom.

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